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IT Consulting Since 2010

Alhamdulillah! The team of has been working in the technology field for the past ten years. And many different projects have been completed with excellence. Especially creating websites in multiple languages and designing software for different sectors has been our speciality. Some time ago we created a software for the library of Madaris. Which is Alhamdulillah currently working in the libraries of many madrasas in India.

As technology advances, many madrassas are inquiring about creating website and software for madrasahs. So we thought to create a platform from where we can provide all kinds of technology-related services to All Madarise Deeniyah with honesty, full support and complete guidance. As a small effort in this regard, a small platform named IDARAH TECH has been started.


Why choose us

Our aim is to make Madarise Islamia aware of technology, prevent fraud, provide full support with complete guidance and fulfill the technology needs of every institution.

Alhamdulillah! Our team consists of people who are well versed in all the systems of Madaris. Therefore, it is possible to provide the best service & solution by understanding the needs of Madaris.

Our aim is not just to sell products or services, but to fulfill the needs of Madaris in the field of technology. So we will always be in touch with you to guide you fully, solve your problems and give best suggestion regarding technology.

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