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The goal is to provide trustable, reliable full support and services to manage MADARIS through seamless innovative technology solutions.


Why Use Technology

Today is the era of technology. This is the reason that most of modern educational institutions are using advanced technology software for their Administration, Library, Accounting, Admission, Academic performance of students etc. So why can institutions associated with religious education lag behind in this field? While with the help of technology we can manage many issues related to the institution like Management, Library, Admission, Accounting etc. in a good way in less time. As a result, we can save a lot of our time and focus more on the educational and moral development of the institution. And can lead the organization towards quadruple developments day and night.

Why use Technology

Five Spheres. One Mission.

The mission is to provide the right technology guidance, solutions, support to Islamic Madaris. And assure that connect and monitor the technology provided to Madaris.







Valuable Products

Prayer Time App for Masjid

This app specially designed for Masjid with many features like Azan & Jama’at Time, Daily Quran & Hadeeth Message, Customized Message & more.

Library Web Software

This is a web base software with all required Library details like Book Entry, Book Issue, Book Sorting by Alphabet, Writer, Subjects & more.

Donation-Chanda Software

This software is organized Chanda system with features like Madrasah Details, Safeer Details, Donation Area, Amount, Donor, Donation Type & more.

Administration Software

This software is support all administration issues like Admission, Students & Teachers Record, Class schedule, Results, Parents Details & many more.

Accounting Software

This software is related with Madaris Account like Donation Receive, Donation Type, Donor Details, Expenses, Incoming-Outgoing Report & more.

Library Pro Web Software

This is a Library Pro software which include many features like Book, Author, Subject, Editor, Press, Publisher, Book Issue, Book Report & many more.

Create Fully Connected Systems. So, Can Focus On Education.

Unlock your educational potential with fully connected systems by Madaris IT. We handle the technology so you can prioritize education, fostering growth and innovation in your institution.

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Professional IT Services & Technology Consulting


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